This is definitely not a love story! (Abandoned)

  *This was the beginning of a larger story that I had wanted to do. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the motivation to continue it at the time and now it’s been too long to pick up where I left off.

This is definitely not a love story!

It was inside a storage shed behind the school. With the golden light from the afternoon sun streaming in through dusty windows, my body was half-covered in shadow.

“Ufufu…you’ve been a naughty boy, haven’t you, Shisho.”

I, Kakogawa Shisho, was currently sitting inside this storage shed, in a cleared space that was large enough for a person to lie in. And in front of me, the high school girl that had just spoken in a soft, almost seductive voice, Yubiwa Mui, took measured steps towards me.

“Even though you already have someone you like…to look at me with those kind of eyes…” Continue reading


Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata [Fanfiction]

 *Excerpt from a Saekano oneshot. I’m not very satisfied with how I’m depicting the characters, so I keep putting this one on the backburner…

The featured image is one of the original illustrations by the artist for the series, Kurehito Misaki.


“So without further ado, I’d like to take this time to thank you all for coming tonight.”

It was that time of the evening when the sun had just finished melting away into the shadows of a slightly chilly night. Currently, the four members of blessing software were seated in a private reservation at a yakiniku restaurant. Continue reading

The General, the Killer, and the Valet (Short Story)

  *Another one that I don’t remember writing…but the characters seem interesting. I wonder what I was intending to do with them.

The General, the Killer, and the Valet

Empty fields stretched out in both directions as the wooden cart rolled gently on the dirt road. The sky was clear with just enough cloud to turn the sun’s glare into a comfortable glow. A valet, clothed in a mud-colored, striped uniform, shifted the reins to one hand as he yawned. Although the horse was well-bred and healthy, it was still one of the slower breeds; the going was perhaps a little too leisurely.

In the cart behind the valet, a slim girl rested on her haunches was peering at a sleeping man. She waved her hand over his eyes and saw no response. Her eyes were narrow, giving her the look of a sly cat, and her hair was tied up into a knot on the back of her head. Her apricot bangs fell softly against her white skin as she positioned herself over the man’s head.



“…I guess he’s dead. Hehe, what luck. Now..let’s see…I’m sure he won’t mind if I cut him up a little. The earthly body has little importance for ascended spirits! So, my dear General! I welcome your gift in full and reply with proper grace: THANKS FOR THE MEALContinue reading

Why’d I write this (Short Story)

 *I’m not sure why I wrote this, but I guess I did…very old piece.


“Could you look after my pet?”

It was a normal request. Simple, actually. It was something a friend would ask you when their father was suddenly struck by a heart attack.

Which had actually happened.

“Uh…what kind of pet is it?”

It was a normal question. Simple, actually. It was something a friend would ask you when they didn’t really want to take care of your pet.

“A hamster.”

“A hamster.”


“Uh…I don’t really know much about hamsters.” Continue reading

Before the War (Excerpt)

  *A section of an abandoned chapter of a story concept put on hold

Before the War

Early in the morning, before the sun had even risen

I was standing in front of my parents’ grave.

Even while wearing a coat and a scarf, the air was still chilly enough to make my breath come out as white mist. There was fresh dew clinging to the grass, dripping down into the small pools that had formed when I had washed dirt and dust off the grave. The smoke from the incense I had lit curled into soft spirals, indistinct against the faint fog that had started to settle in.

I laid down a small bouquet of flowers in front of the grave and knelt down so that I was face-to-face with my parents. Continue reading

Love Line (Short Story)

 An old story written on Fictionpress, cleaned up.

Love Line


Takara Enosuke was currently in his girlfriend’s room. When he had first entered the room, his feelings of nerve-wracking anxiety had mixed with a slight hint of confusion. Although they had been dating for three weeks, he had never noticed how much of an obsession his girlfriend had with cute things. Continue reading