The Strongest Minion in Runeterra [League of Legends Fanfiction]

 *Excerpt from my League of Legends fanfiction, Those Minions. It was a bonus chapter for the holidays (although not a Christmas-related plot).

The Strongest Minion in Runeterra

There is a legend, set before the current seasons of League of Legends.

A legend about the strongest minion to ever land foot on Runeterra.

One that helped spawn the strongest army of minions that had ever existed, so powerful that they had been nerfed instantly and obliterated from existence.

To so powerful a soldier, a proverbial minion god

What kind of name could this legend possess?

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Hot! Steamy! Kosaki-chan! [Nisekoi Fanfiction]

 *A special bonus chapter from The Plan.

Hot! Steamy! Kosaki-chan!

How did it come to this!?

The thoughts of Ichijou Raku and Onodera Kosaki collided. Right now, they were seated in her room, on either side of the small coffee table that was holding their drinks and a plate of snacks.

Or rather, what was this? Not really snacks, this was more like an appetizer. An entire bowl of candied yams!

“Ehehe…it looks so yummy…”


T-That’s not what I wanted to say! thought Onodera Kosaki as she hastily wiped drool from her mouth. F-Forget the yams! But candied yams…no, forget about them! Wasn’t there something much more important happening right now!? Continue reading

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata [Fanfiction]

 *Excerpt from a Saekano oneshot. I’m not very satisfied with how I’m depicting the characters, so I keep putting this one on the backburner…

The featured image is one of the original illustrations by the artist for the series, Kurehito Misaki.


“So without further ado, I’d like to take this time to thank you all for coming tonight.”

It was that time of the evening when the sun had just finished melting away into the shadows of a slightly chilly night. Currently, the four members of blessing software were seated in a private reservation at a yakiniku restaurant. Continue reading