Starting Game (Part One)

  *This was written over the course of two weeks on Anonkun, a writing site that incorporates live writing with various ways for your audience to interact with the story such as through realtime polls with user-submitted choices, chat, dice generator, branching routes, etc.

It was a very interesting experience as the live writing and the realtime polls meant that the story was written without any outline, plot details, or planned arcs. It was a challenge keeping things consistent and figuring out different ways to make use of the various tools that Anonkun provides (which I really liked in terms of breadth and ease-of-use).

In my free time, I’m cleaning up this story to fix the various issues that came from impromptu speed writing. The story was completed in its run, so expect all of the pieces to be posted eventually. I will also try to include records of the interactive elements as best as I can.

Starting Game


The sun was bright and warm on a portion of my face. I shifted my head away from it, bringing relief to my heavy eyes.

A breath of air. It was lightly humid and a bit on the cool side. There was also a smell…something sour nearby…

A black bag underneath me. Lumpy, but soft, giving way when my elbows pressed down against it.

What was this…


I was laying down in garbage.


An instant response from my mind, but my body didn’t agree. It was tired and felt stuffy, as if it had just recovered from a nasty cold. But I couldn’t just lie here in garbage…there was liquid leaking from the bag and onto my clothes.


Had I been wearing clothes? I must have…right? No wait…why would I need to wear clothes in the first place? Continue reading


This is definitely not a love story! 2 (Abandoned)

  *The last remaining piece. For clarification, this is a flashback scene and unfinished.

This is definitely not a love story!

What is love?

“Koi” and “Ai.” Together, “Ren’ai.”

What is “to like?” What about to romantically love? To have a strong desire for?

If you look at love in society, the love in dramas, the love in anime and manga, the love that floats around everyone’s heads

To want to protect someone. To hold someone dear. To want to be with them. To have a happy life together. Continue reading

This is definitely not a love story! (Abandoned)

  *This was the beginning of a larger story that I had wanted to do. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the motivation to continue it at the time and now it’s been too long to pick up where I left off.

This is definitely not a love story!

It was inside a storage shed behind the school. With the golden light from the afternoon sun streaming in through dusty windows, my body was half-covered in shadow.

“Ufufu…you’ve been a naughty boy, haven’t you, Shisho.”

I, Kakogawa Shisho, was currently sitting inside this storage shed, in a cleared space that was large enough for a person to lie in. And in front of me, the high school girl that had just spoken in a soft, almost seductive voice, Yubiwa Mui, took measured steps towards me.

“Even though you already have someone you like…to look at me with those kind of eyes…” Continue reading

Before the War (Excerpt)

  *A section of an abandoned chapter of a story concept put on hold

Before the War

Early in the morning, before the sun had even risen

I was standing in front of my parents’ grave.

Even while wearing a coat and a scarf, the air was still chilly enough to make my breath come out as white mist. There was fresh dew clinging to the grass, dripping down into the small pools that had formed when I had washed dirt and dust off the grave. The smoke from the incense I had lit curled into soft spirals, indistinct against the faint fog that had started to settle in.

I laid down a small bouquet of flowers in front of the grave and knelt down so that I was face-to-face with my parents. Continue reading