*A special bonus chapter from The Plan.

Hot! Steamy! Kosaki-chan!

How did it come to this!?

The thoughts of Ichijou Raku and Onodera Kosaki collided. Right now, they were seated in her room, on either side of the small coffee table that was holding their drinks and a plate of snacks.

Or rather, what was this? Not really snacks, this was more like an appetizer. An entire bowl of candied yams!

“Ehehe…it looks so yummy…”


T-That’s not what I wanted to say! thought Onodera Kosaki as she hastily wiped drool from her mouth. F-Forget the yams! But candied yams…no, forget about them! Wasn’t there something much more important happening right now!?

“Y-Yeah…Haru-chan made these so they look really good…”

Ichijou Raku clamped a hand over his face. Who cares about the yaaaams!?


Their faces turned away hastily, cheeks burning with steam.

“This…this isn’t a dream…right?” thought Kosaki.

“This…is for real…” thought Raku.

A few minutes passed as their thoughts sunk in.

“NOOOOO! H-How…how are we supposed to so suddenly!”

“What’s with this sudden development!? It’s true that I was hoping for this to happen someday, but isn’t this too soon!?”

Pounding on the ground. Rolling on the ground.

Ichijou Raku looked up from his pounding. Onodera Kosaki stopped rolling.

“Uh…what are you doing, Onodera?”

“N-Nothing…what are you doing, Ichijou-kun?”


“I see…”

What am I doing?

The two of them slumped onto the ground, depressed.

Get a hold of yourself, Raku! As a man, it’s your responsibility to take the lead!

D-Don’t give up, Kosaki! Ichijou-kun is doing his best, so you have to do your best too!

“O-Onodera, let’s just start with hugging first!” said Raku, holding his arms out.

“I-Ichijou-kun, l-let’s just start with this!” said Kosaki, holding out a box of condoms.



That’s right, protection is important, isn’t it!?

W-Why did I jump to this from the very start!?

“Y-You’re right, Onodera. We’re just high school students after all, we can’t skip on something important like that

“Y-You’re right, Ichijou-kun. We’re just high school students, we should try hugging first

They were back on the floor. Depression again.

Damn it…I just can’t get this right…

Uuu…Ichijou-kun must think I’m a lewd girl…

“A-Anyways…maybe for starters, we should just get on the bed…” suggested Raku.


Kosaki timidly accepted. And so the two moved onto her bed.

Waaah…I’m sitting on Onodera’s bed…

I-Ichijou-kun is right next to me…

Even though they weren’t touching, they could feel every little movement the other made. That was the special characteristic of the bed, that you could feel the other person’s presence, the other person’s weight, just as distinctly as if they had gotten right on top of you.

Wh…What do I do now?

I-Ichijou-kun isn’t doing anything…Should I do something…?

But what? How were you supposed to start something like this? As she had thought, maybe the box of condoms

NOOO! That’s got to be wrong!

Kosaki’s face made a ›‹ and she shook her head back and forth to banish those thoughts.

C-Crap…Onodera looks so cute!

Right now, Raku’s instincts were urging him forward. Guiding him. Marching him to victory!

Ichijou Raku. You understand what’s going on here, don’t you?

This may be the most important moment of your life. Don’t be stupid and just leave everything to chance! You have to make the right preparations, make calculated moves. Only fools will run into battle blind!

That was it! Of course! If he didn’t know what to do, then he just had to go find out! Was he stupid or something? This was the modern age! The world’s knowledge base was right at his fingertips! Raku pulled out his phone and began tapping at the virtual keyboard

Aha! As he had thought, foreplay was the first thing to do. So he had been on the right track with the hugging! But this was saying that it might be better to ease her in with some small talk…hmm…a bit of aggressiveness to kickstart the mood, huh? There was so much he had to learn…

Hm? Wait a second…aren’t I forgetting something…?

Raku turned his head to the side. Kosaki was waiting patiently beside him, fiddling with a stray thread on her sheets.

I’m so sorry, Onoderaaaa!

Forget it! He had been missing the crucial part. That Onodera Kosaki, the girl that was so important to him, was right in front of him, at this moment! It didn’t matter what advice the world had to give him. The important thing was that he focus on this moment, this person, this situation!

“Sorry, Onodera…I was nervous, but I shouldn’t have ignored you,” said Raku, tossing his phone aside.

“B-But Ruri-chan…I can’t do something like that…!”

Onodera Kosaki was now on the phone.


“E-Eh!? Ichijou-kun!? S-sorry…I didn’t realize you…uhh…”

Kosaki stammered as she hastily hung up the phone.

An awkward silence now hung between them.



“So…I guess we really should start with hugging, huh? I’m sure you want to take it slow, haha

“Ichijou-kun, I’m sorry that I keep making you wait…So let’s just get into the lotus position


NOOO, that’s not what I wanted to say! R-RURI-CHAN!

Wait a minute, that’s meditation!

And so they sat cross-legged, in the lotus position.

“Do you feel better, Onodera?”

“Yeah…I feel really relaxed…”

They sighed contently together. Their eyes opened and their gazes met.



Their faces leaned closer. The bed squeaked slightly as their weights shifted.


Raku could almost feel the warmth of her breath. His lips puckered up instinctively for the final event!



“Ichijou-kun…I can’t…anymore…”

Kosaki reeled back and collapsed.

“O-Onodera!? W-What’s wrong!?”

“Ichijou-kun…I can’t stretch that far…”

Why were you stretching in the first place!? And your body is that stiff, Onodera!?

Suddenly, the box of condoms hit the side of Raku’s head.

“Don’t forget that you’re just high school students~”

There was a little ufufu~ before the door closed itself.


Then the door opened again, slightly, and a small face poked in.



Onodera Haru retreated. Ichijou Raku looked at the door, mouth agape, while Onodera Kosaki gasped for breath on the bed.




There was silence from the door. Then, after a moment’s hesitation, a small voice said

“…Take me too.”


“I-I said that there’s more than one condom in that box!” shouted Haru, barging into the room.

“If you know about the condoms, then that means you already knew what was going on here!”

“NO! It’s all mine!”

A white-haired loli crashed through Kosaki’s window.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU COME IN THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR!?” shouted both Raku and Haru.

“Hehehe, you thought you could hide it from me, did you little boy? But you can’t fool the sharp senses of Beehive’s ‘White Fang!'”

“What are you talking about!?”

“Don’t try and act like you don’t know! Now, hand over your lollipop so I can suck it!”


“I know all about it! If I suck your lollipop and hard candies, then I’ll get an unlimited supply of cream!”


“T-That’s wrong, Paula-san! It’s not a lollipop, that was just a comparison…”

Haru’s body jolted as she realized what she had just said.




“Ichijou-kun. I think I’m feeling better now. We can try ag…Haru!? Paula-chan!?”

“You just noticed, Onodera!?”

And so, the door was closed again, but this time, two more girls were added into the room.

“I’m not leaving until I get my candy.”

“It’s not candy! What you’ve been told is a lie!”

“I-It’s not a lie! It was just a misunderstanding…”

Raku and Haru had their faces in their palms. How were they supposed to fix this situation?

“Hmph, it’s candy, it’s not candy. Fine then! I’ll have you know that I’m an expert when it comes to candy. Just show it to me and I’ll tell you whether or not it really is candy!”


But Paula’s eyes were shining with anticipation. Neither Raku nor Haru had the heart to say anything more.

“What is she talking about, Ichijou-kun?”

“I-It’s nothing…”

“If I recall correctly, it’s located inside your pants,” said Paula, her hands fumbling with Raku’s zipper.


“Paula-san, NOOO!”

Haru tackled Paula, making her head hit the side of the bed.

“Ow…what is your problem, Onodera Haru!”

Paula cried out while tearfully rubbing the bump on her forehead.

“Y-You can’t…you can’t have this candy!”

“And why not!? Why shouldn’t I have it? All the candy in this world belongs to me!”

“N-No! This is…this is…ONEE-CHAN’S CANDY!”



“Y..your sister’s candy?”

“T-That’s right! Senpai is Onee-chan’s boyfriend, so i-it’s her candy!” said Haru.

“I…see. Is that how it works…?”


Is what Raku wanted to say, but it seemed that this twisted reasoning was working on Paula.

“Very well then. Onodera Haru’s sister. Please lick this candy and give me the cream.”


“E-Eh? Candy? Cream…?”

Question marks were popping around Kosaki’s head.

“…Onee-chan. Do you really not understand what’s going on…?”

“Sorry…I didn’t get what you guys were talking about…”

“Could you guys just get out of here!? We were in the middle of something…”

“In the middle of eating candy, huh!?”


“Don’t try and trick me! I know you’re going to whip that candy out and eat it right when I leave! Well, I’m not going! If it really isn’t about the candy, then it’s not like you guys can’t do it with us in the room, right?”


But damn it. It looked like there was no choice but to give it up for today. Raku sighed. There weren’t many chances when things were all set up for them like this. Now that they were in their third-year, most of their free time was spent studying for exams.

“Ichijou-kun…it’s ok,” said Kosaki with an understanding smile.

“Sorry Onodera…I didn’t think it’d end up like this.”

“It’s alright. I know it’s hard for you, but you have to do it. Paula-chan is waiting…”

“Huh? What are you talking about, Onodera?”

Kosaki tilted her head.

“I mean…you can do it, if you want…”


Raku’s body felt like it was going to fall apart. How many times had he made such a ridiculous exclamation today!? Was Onodera being serious!? She really wanted to do it in front of them!?

“O-Onodera, are you sure about this!? We don’t have to do this right now, you know!”

“No, it’s fine,” said Kosaki, smiling again. “I really want you to do it.


Raku wanted to cry. To think that Onodera would be willing to…even in this situation. She was an angel! Such a kind soul!

Paula-chan really looks like she wants that candy. Ichijou-kun, I don’t know why it’s hard for you to give her the candy, but you can do it!

Kosaki looked at Raku with her fists pumping supportively at him.


Haru’s mouth was wide open and refused to close.

W-When did you become so daring!?

“Oho…your sister is nicer than I thought, Onodera Haru. I approve of her,” said Paula, nodding happily. No, no, Paula-san, it’s not what you think!

Onodera said it’s fine! In front of all these people! Doesn’t that mean she really wants it!?

Wait a minute, could it be that Onodera is really excited about this!? M-Maybe all that foreplay from before got her like this? Is it my fault!?

That means…I have to take responsibility…

Raku looked over at Haru and Paula. No, no. Even if this was Onodera, to do it in front of her sister and her sister’s friend like this…

I can’t do it! This is too much for me! I’m just a high school student!

But then he looked into Onodera’s eyes. She was smiling at him, silently cheering him on.

Damn it! Damn it! If she looked at him like that, how could he refuse?

“Ok…Onodera. I understand. I’ll start right now.”

“Yeah. Ok.”

“S-Senpai!? Onee-chan!?”

“Ohh!” said Paula, licking her lips in anticipation.

Raku slid closer to Kosaki. He gently put his arm around her and drew her in.

“Eh? Ichijou-kun, what are you

“Shh. Just leave it to me, Onodera,” said Raku. He leaned in and kissed her lightly on the neck.

“Ah…” Kosaki’s eyes slowly closed and a sweet sound brushed Raku’s ear.

“N-No way…Onee-chan…” said Haru, steam rising from her overloading brain.

“What are they doing? Where’s the candy?” said Paula, although her face was also turning somewhat red. It was something about the atmosphere. The air had changed. The Ichijou boy was moving with purpose now, carefully going over every inch of the older Onodera’s body…

Ah…I see!

He hid the candy on her! What a clever hiding spot! I’ve underestimated you, little boy…

Yes…no one would think that you’d hide your secret stash of candy on your girlfriend’s person. Of course…since if you saw her naked, she’d get pregnant! That meant the candy was safer in there than in any vault, even from your own hands!

Raku tried not to listen to the mumblings come from Haru and Paula. Kosaki had asked for this. She was putting in so much effort to do this…it would be disrespectful…no, it’d be his failure as a man if he got distracted. Raku’s hands slipped down to Kosaki’s waist, pulling their bodies even closer together.

“Ah! Ichijou-kun…”

Kosaki tried to stifle the indecent sounds coming from her lips. She didn’t know why Raku was doing this so suddenly. She wanted him to stop because Haru and Paula were watching. But…his lips felt so good…and she was so close to him…

“Ah…ahaha…that tickles, Ichijou-kun,” said Kosaki as Raku nibbled the crook of her neck. “Mmm…”

His breath was hot against her skin. The small little bites he made were soothed by the soft texture of his tongue.


Raku pushed her shoulders gently. She didn’t resist and allowed herself to fall back on the bed. Her face was flushed and her eyes were glazed over as he looked down at her.



“Ah! Ichijou-kun…don’t…not there…!”

“It’s fine, Onodera. Don’t worry…”

“Ahh…my thighs…”

“Does it feel good, Onodera?” asked Raku as he began cupping her breast.

Wait a minute.


“Ah…your hand is so soft, Ichijou-kun…”

“S-Soft!? What are you…”

Raku twisted around to look at Kosaki’s legs.


“Where is that candy…?”

“Eh…? What did you say, Ichijou-kun?”

Raku batted away Paula’s hand.

“What are you doing!? Get away from Onodera!”

Raku whispered furiously at Paula, his voice low enough that Kosaki couldn’t hear.

“You’re taking forever! I’ll help you look for the candy!” said Paula in an equally furious whisper.

What the hell are you talking about!?” whispered back Raku.

“Don’t play dumb! Now get back up there! I’ll search this side.”

“Stop searching!”

“What are you two whispering about!?” said Haru, joining in. “Senpai, stop messing around! How can you leave Onee-chan hanging like that!”

“You too, Haru-chan!?”

“Oh, good timing, Onodera Haru! You take this leg and I’ll search this other leg

“H-Huh? What…Why do I have to look at Onee-chan’s leg…?”

“Haru-chan, don’t listen to her!”

“Mmm? Ichijou-kun…why are you focusing so much on my legs?”

Kosaki’s voice came from behind Raku, a little giggle included at the end.

“Get out of here, you two!”

“You’re taking too long!”

“Turn back around and finish with Onee-chan first, Senpai!”

“What do you think I’m trying to do!?”

Raku slapped away Paula one last time, then turned back to Kosaki.

“Sorry, Onodera. Okay, now let’s get back to it…”

“Eh!? There’s no way I can do that, Ruri-chan!”

Kosaki was back on the phone.

“Ah…Ichijou-kun. Ichijou-kun, what’s wrong!”

“I can’t do this anymore…”

Raku hung over the edge of the bed, completely lifeless.

“That’s why I said leave it to me,” said Paula. She sidled up to Kosaki, grinning.

“Eh? Paula-chan? What are you

“Don’t worry, Onodera Haru’s sister. I’ll be gentle,” said Paula, stroking Kosaki’s shoulder. Kosaki jumped at the touch.

“Uh…wait…Paula-chan, I d-don’t…that’s not what I’m interested i

Paula’s hands began fondling Kosaki’s breasts.

“KYAH! Ah…don’t…!”

“Where is it…it’s got to be in here. It’s always in here in the movies…huh…these are unexpectedly large…”

Raku and Haru’s mouths were wide open.

“P-Paula-san is…is into that kind of thing…!”

“Wrong…that’s all wrong, Haru-chan!”

“Muu…these are too big! How can there be such a difference between Onodera Haru and her sister..?”

Haru crashed onto the bed, like she’d been slapped.


“I can’t tell! Whatever…I’ll just have to inspect them directly!”


Something hit Raku on the head. It dropped down onto Haru’s nose.

“…A button?”


A man’s instinct. It was that which propelled Raku’s head. It twisted it instantly from one side to the other, completely abandoning the little sister for the twins that were completely exposed behind hi



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