*This was written over the course of two weeks on Anonkun, a writing site that incorporates live writing with various ways for your audience to interact with the story such as through realtime polls with user-submitted choices, chat, dice generator, branching routes, etc.

It was a very interesting experience as the live writing and the realtime polls meant that the story was written without any outline, plot details, or planned arcs. It was a challenge keeping things consistent and figuring out different ways to make use of the various tools that Anonkun provides (which I really liked in terms of breadth and ease-of-use).

In my free time, I’m cleaning up this story to fix the various issues that came from impromptu speed writing. The story was completed in its run, so expect all of the pieces to be posted eventually. I will also try to include records of the interactive elements as best as I can.

Starting Game


The sun was bright and warm on a portion of my face. I shifted my head away from it, bringing relief to my heavy eyes.

A breath of air. It was lightly humid and a bit on the cool side. There was also a smell…something sour nearby…

A black bag underneath me. Lumpy, but soft, giving way when my elbows pressed down against it.

What was this…


I was laying down in garbage.


An instant response from my mind, but my body didn’t agree. It was tired and felt stuffy, as if it had just recovered from a nasty cold. But I couldn’t just lie here in garbage…there was liquid leaking from the bag and onto my clothes.


Had I been wearing clothes? I must have…right? No wait…why would I need to wear clothes in the first place?

Modesty! That was it…I’d feel embarrassed without wearing clothes. Right, right, I’d probably be ridiculed for being naked out here…maybe even arrested.

Hmm…had I really forgotten something like that? It was strange…I felt like it wasn’t something you’d normally question…

Anyways, about my clothes—

A pair of jeans and a light blue t-shirt. A belt…no, no belt. Socks up to my ankles…why did it seem like there was a problem there? Grey canvas shoes. No outer accessories.

So I was clothed after all. And somewhat unfashionably I thought. Or it could’ve been the liquid that had started to stain on my sleeve. A rotten fruit juice of some kind…

There were cans and bottles all around me. It seemed like people had been dumping their drinks in this bag. My head felt a little clearer, so I tested if my body was strong enough to support my weight.

A little difficult, but I was able to get onto my feet. I could feel more of that rotten fruit juice soaking into the back of my jeans. Really nasty…was there something I could wipe it off with?

Nothing. Just recyclables on the ground. I ran a hand through my short hair absentmindedly, my eyes slipping shut in the process. Woops…almost fell asleep there.

What a terrible state I was in. How had I ended up here in garbage anyways? Again, there was that gut feeling pushing a thought into my view.

Alcohol. Getting drunk…that seemed like the most likely reason. I breathed into my palm and sniffed it. Foul, but it could’ve just been morning breath.

I moved away from the garbage bag and up along one of the walls near me. I was in an alley of some kind…I could see a busy street off in the distance. Around me, there were signs and posters hanging around, some dusty and faded, others loud and vibrant with their images and text.

What does my gut feeling have to say about this…?

Some kind of alley.

Thanks, that was a big help.

The place didn’t look familiar at all. If I had gotten drunk, then would I have strayed into an unknown location like this? No wait, was I the kind of person that’d get drunk enough to end up in an alley in the first place…?


What is wrong with you? You’re being so lazy now. You were doing fine just a moment ago!


My stomach growled, as if cheering in agreement. Ok, that was understandable. Judging by how high the sun was, it was sometime in the afternoon now. When did people normally drink? Sometime in the night…and there were 24 hours in a day…

A really long time. That was all I could gather. I sighed and rubbed my palms into my eyes. There was a deep, gnawing feeling in my stomach. Hunger, sure, but also something else. Anxiety? My gut feeling was telling me that my mind wasn’t in working order right now. What, just because I couldn’t count the hours in a day…that feels so harsh…

No, this really was a problem. Even in my state, I knew that being unable to do simple math like that was an issue. I didn’t exactly know why it was an issue, but I was absolutely certain it was.

Hungry. Hungry!!!

Yeah, ok. Let’s get focused here. If I’m having problems sorting myself out, then the best thing to do is take things one step at a time.

First, let’s find some food somewhere…

…Where do I get food?

A restaurant!

Oh man!

I almost freaked out there. That would’ve been really bad…if I couldn’t remember something basic like that. Ok, a restaurant. I just need to find a restaurant and then purchase some food.

Purchase! That means I need money. Yes! Things were really starting to connect now. Maybe I was starting to recover from whatever the hell had happened to me.

Ok, so for money, something…keep it in a wallet. Yeah, a wallet. And my wallet’s in…

I patted down my pants. Somewhere here? Left pocket…nope. Right pocket…yeah. Ok, there we go. Easy.

I unfolded the wallet and scanned through the contents. Ok…some paper here. What was this…cash! Sweet…lots of cash. Oh, this is huge. I really feel like this is a ton of money. I wasn’t exactly sure about the total value, but this should be more than enough to pay for a meal at least.

What else was in here? Plastic cards…credit cards. Some business cards in the inner pocket there…ooh, a stamp card. No No Novice Curry? I guess I really like curry…

Ah, wait a minute!

This…this is really important!

A driver’s license!

Great, great! This has some basic information on it, right? This might help piece things together for me. Ok, so the first line is my name…

The picture doesn’t look like the MC at all
5 votes
Multiple IDs, all for different people. Some women, some men.
2 votes
John Doe – Obviously a fake ID
2 votes
0 votes
Some Random Guy
0 votes

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