An old story written on Fictionpress, cleaned up.

Love Line


Takara Enosuke was currently in his girlfriend’s room. When he had first entered the room, his feelings of nerve-wracking anxiety had mixed with a slight hint of confusion. Although they had been dating for three weeks, he had never noticed how much of an obsession his girlfriend had with cute things.

Too many. That had been his first thought. Her room was bursting with cute things. Her bed, a small twin-size, sat in the corner, adorned with frilly pink sheets. The top of her bed was garnished with such a wide array of stuffed dolls that the bed seemed to be sagging underneath their combined weight. Pink was the main color, although there was also plenty of white that helped balance the overall tone of the room. Frills, lace, small figurines of wide-eyed, large-headed caricatures and super-deformed characters. Everywhere he looked, the femininity, the adorableness, they embraced him softly like a doting little sister. Entering his girlfriend’s room had seemed to strip him of any and all masculinity present in his body. He had even wanted to check his pants to see if his manhood had not shriveled and fallen off.

But now, a month had passed and the strangeness of her room had settled into a meek fascination. He would never be able to fully enjoy this life of cuteness like his girlfriend did, but he had at least learned to appreciate the warm feeling that came from the soft PVC cell phone strap she had given him. It was a plump little fox with a big bushy tail and a bright smile. Looking at it always made him feel better and, lately, it had become somewhat of an anti-depressant for his daily stresses.

However, right now, the fox had little effect on the devastating pressure that was weighing like a mountain on Enosuke’s shoulders. He could barely keep his head up as he brought a shaking cup of tea to his lips and took a sip.

“What is it?”

Yoshitomo Ayako was looking up at him with a hairband clamped between her lips as she lifted her long black hair and tied it into a ponytail.

“…Um. I was-was w-wondering if you’d hear me out for a minute,” said Enosuke, his hands vibrating so intensely that tea was spilling out onto Ayako’s small coffee table. “I…I have s-something to dis-s-sscuss with you…”

“Hm? What?” asked Ayako, leaning forward to listen. Her dark blue eyes fixed firmly onto the top of Enosuke’s scalp. This was because Enosuke had his vision aimed straight down at the table. Or rather, his vision was directed straight at the slightly exposed sight of soft, round breasts granted by Ayako’s thin tanktop. No matter what, he knew that if he crossed gazes with Ayako right now, he wouldn’t be able to keep his composure. Not to mention that he was able to calm himself down by thinking lewd thoughts about his girlfriend.

No, that’s not how it’s supposed to work!

Takara Enosuke lowered his vision shamefully at his thoughts.

“…Eno. Eno.”


Enosuke raised his head up at the sound of his name.

“What are you doing? You said you were going to tell me something, but you’re not saying anything,” said Ayako, her face so close to his now that he could feel the heat from her breath. At that moment, Enosuke wanted to attack his girlfriend and force her onto the floor. It was an instinct born from his status as a man; however, acting on it required a completely different kind of strength. A strength that was already being rapidly depleted from the words that were stuck in his throat.

“S-Sorry…” said Enosuke, swallowing the enormous lump that was restricting his oxygen intake. Ah, the lengths his mind would go to distract himself from the issue at hand. Enosuke wondered if everyone in his position felt the same sort of desire to beat around the bush. Or rather, felt the desire to not even say anything at all. Perhaps he should quit and just forget about the entire thing.

The reason Takara Enosuke could not do that was because he was equally frightened of the repercussions of keeping this hidden.

It was an issue that could not be ignored or told easily. An impossibly taxing issue.

“Sorry, Ayako…it’s…it’s a little hard for me to say,” said Enosuke, attempting to lift the remainder of his tea back to his mouth.

“I see. It’s difficult to say.” Ayako’s head tilted so that her cheek was resting on her hand while a small frown appeared on her face. For some reason, even a posture as cute as this was sending waves of fear down Enosuke’s spine.

Just ask! Just ask! She’s your girlfriend! Your kind, caring, understanding, fair-minded, doting—

Enosuke had already begun to hallucinate. His mind had reached the point where it preferred fantasy over reality. At this rate, he would give up on the 3D world and spend his life crawling the internet for the newest net idols and funny cat videos.

The horrible truth was that his girlfriend wouldn’t mind that one bit. Yoshitomo Ayako was that kind of a girl. Kind, caring, understanding, fair-minded, doting—

To the extent that Enosuke was shivering in fear at the mere thought of asking her a single question.

“…This is probably not something I should ask,” mumbled Enosuke, his hand wandering around his head, trying to find something distracting that would keep his thoughts from derailing into pure panic. Oh, there was a scab on his scalp. That was disgusting, but it was worth scratching at.

“What is it, Eno? You want to know my bra size? I thought I already told you, it’s—”

“NO! That’s definitely not it!”

“I see…well, it really is embarrassing, but alright Eno. Just for you, the panties I’m wearing right now—”

“STOP! I mean, go on, but that’s not what I wanted to ask!”


The sound of Enosuke’s forehead slamming into the table was loud enough to disturb the neighbors outside.

“No, no, everything’s fine! Yes, yes, it was just an accident.”

Enosuke sighed as the consoled neighbors waved and went off on their way. Turning back from the window, Enosuke took his seat again down at the coffee table.

“…is what I wanted to say, but I didn’t think you would ask, so I only wore plain white ones.”


Ten minutes into the conversation and already Enosuke felt as if he had lost everything and gained nothing. Enosuke spent the next five minutes with his head buried into the table while his girlfriend calmly sliced apples onto a plate.


“Hank hoo,” mumbled Enosuke as Ayako inserted an apple piece into his mouth.

“So? What was it you wanted to tell me?” asked Ayako. She nibbled quietly on her own apple as she gave Enosuke a perplexed stare.

“Ah…like I was saying…”

“Like you were saying…?”

“It’s difficult to say…”

“You already told me that.”

Enosuke clenched his eyes shut and gritted his teeth. What was he doing? Dancing around the subject in front of his own girlfriend! He was the man of the relationship! He had to be strong and courageous; unbreakable like rock, immovable like a mountain! Taking a deep breath, Enosuke armed himself with the question that had been burning in his mind the entire day.


“What is it, Eno?”

The words pounded against the inside of his teeth. Enosuke’s fists were balled so tightly that he was sure his knuckles would pop from the pressure. Using all the willpower left inside him, Enosuke forced the question out in a squeaky, timid voice:

“How would you feel if I cheated on you?”


The instant the words left his mouth, Enosuke wanted to clone himself so that he could beat his stupid, diminutive self into a pulp with his own two hands.




Yes, Enosuke was already on the verge of tears because of the answer he expected from his girlfriend.

Yoshitomo Ayako.

The kind, caring, understanding, fair-minded, doting type.

“I’d be angry and depressed. At myself.”

That was her response.

“It’s the fault of the cheated in the first place. If their loved one is cheating on them, then that just means that they weren’t fulfilling their role as lovers. Satisfaction is a two-way street in relationships—otherwise, it’ll just breakdown and become a mess. If we play the blame game, ten times out of ten, I will say it’s the cheated that’s to blame.”

The brutality of her response was such that Enosuke was staring at the plate of apples with his mouth wide open and what seemed like a piece of his soul floating out of his throat.

“Meaning, if you were to cheat on me then I would feel angry and critical of myself. After all, the fact that you cheated on me means that I’m doing something wrong, right Eno? Or that I’m the one that wasn’t able to satisfy some of your desires. A proper girlfriend would be able to notice these mistakes and fix them ahead of time. Keeping our feelings and desires burning all the while is the proper way of going about things. After all, if we get tired of one another, then that just means that one of our personalities has the refreshing excitement of a high school romance fanfiction.”

Too cruel. His girlfriend was too hard on herself! Enosuke’s tears were now tears on her behalf.

“I…I didn’t mean anything like that. I just meant it as a hypothetical situation.”

“I see. In that case, hypothetically, are you getting tired of me, Eno? If that’s true, then tell me why and I’ll fix it immediately. Is it because I’m not showing you enough skin? In that case, I’ll act out the naked apron housewife fantasy I’ve been seeing in your porn folder lately.”

“WHAT? I mean, no! I’m not tired of you at all!”

“Or maybe I’m just such a worthless excuse for a girl that I should get a sex change and call myself a guy before I end up embarrassing myself on the day of my wedding.”


“I-It’s nothing like that! There’s nothing wrong with you, Ayako!”

“Ah, I see. That’s good. I guess I’ll forget about buying the rope tomorrow.”

What were you going to buy that for!?

“It’s nothing like that, really…You’re perfect as you are, Ayako,” muttered Enosuke.

“I see.” Ayako began fiddling with a small strand from her bangs.

Smart and sensitive. Cute and alluring. And there was no doubt that her slender, curvy body hit every one of Enosuke’s fatal points. Truth be told, Takara Enosuke had no idea how such a beautiful, perfect girl had become his girlfriend.

“So then, Eno. What about you?”

“Hm? What about me?”

“Do you think I’m cheating on you?”

Enosuke’s heart was smashed into pieces with one blow. A perfect girlfriend indeed.

That was why he was so easily turned into prey.

Ayako calmly chewed on another apple as Enosuke’s eyes became glued to the table and a furious flood of sweat poured down his face.


Usually, Enosuke would feel a thump in his heart when she used her personal nickname for him. This time, however, he could only feel an undertone of frigid ice scraping against his ears, like a knife being sharpened on a steel plate.

“H-hold on! I can’t give you an answer out of the blue!”

“Why not?”

The coldness in her voice was now subarctic. Like a solider that steps on a landmine, Enosuke instinctively knew that he had just ruined himself.

“I-It was a little sudden—”


“G-give me five, no, three seconds to consider it—”


Drowning. He was drowning in the sweat that was flushing out of his system. He wondered if anyone had ever died because of their own anxiety in such a dispiriting manner.

There was no right answer to this question. It was one of the sick, twisted traps that women made with their logical superiority. Or at least, a sick, twisted trap that Yoshitomo Ayako would make. Kind, caring, understanding, fair-minded, doting—

Too much so. Yoshitomo Ayako was a ruthless, unforgiving force of nature.

“So, what’s your answer, Eno?”

“L-Like I said…it’s hard to answer something that just comes out of nowhere—”

“Ah, but I answered, didn’t I, Eno? I even put some thought into it. Maybe you’d rather I just get angry and yell at you like someone who doesn’t want to put in the effort?”

She’s provoking me and insulting all of her competitors at the same time!

Enosuke closed his eyes and tried hard to think of an answer. If he said yes, then that would mean admitting that he was the problem and he needed to fix himself. Even if that was true, this would only lead to Ayako having the upper hand. But, if he said no, then that would be a complete lie! And Enosuke knew that someone like her would never let him live it down.

Damn it, if I’m screwed either way…

“I…I believe that it’s a possibility,” said Enosuke, trying desperately to sound confident and firm. Ayako gave his answer an appraising look.

“Then, you understand that you have work to do.”


All of a sudden, the mood had changed to that of a teacher scolding her student. Enosuke sighed and downed the rest of his tea, thankful that the situation had deflated without any real problems.

“So, you’re cheating on me.”

Tea burst from Enosuke’s mouth. He keeled forward, coughing and banging his chest as he tried to loosen the enormous knot in his throat.

“What’s her name?” asked Ayako, biting into another apple slice.

“…If I tell you?” asked Enosuke apprehensively.

“I’ll act like nothing happened,” said Ayako, chewing her apple. “And I won’t find and kill her.”


“Killing is too lenient. I need to make her feel the severity of what she’s done. A month of torture will be a small punishment, but I suppose it’ll suffice.”

“You’re too vengeful! I didn’t know that you were yandere!

“What are you saying, Eno? I’m nothing of the sort. I’m an innocent virgin that simply wants to protect her boyfriend from the jaws of an unruly bitch.”

“That’s the reasoning of a psycho girl!”

“Don’t call me that. I’ll kill you.”

“You’re turning on your own boyfriend!? You reached this phase too quickly!”

“I was just joking, Eno,” said Ayako, holding an apple slice to her pouting lips. “Not about the girl you’re cheating on me with, though.”

“You said you’d blame yourself!”

“I am. I’m blaming myself with such intensity that I need to rip the fingernails off a certain girl centimeter by centimeter.”

“As if I can tell you her name in this kind of condition!”

“Fine, Eno. You don’t need to tell me,” said Ayako. She stood up and flattened her tanktop over her smooth waist.


“Of course.” A sadistic grin appeared on her face.


“That hurt, Eno. Don’t you trust me?” said Ayako, placing a hand over her chest.

“Of course I trust you! That’s why I know you’re going to do something ridiculously dangerous!”

“How naive, Eno. I would never do something to put myself at risk.”


“In that case, I congratulate you on knowing me so well. You’re making my heart flutter, Eno.”

“Don’t try to use flirting as a way to throw me off-track!”

“I’m not. I’m flirting because I love you ❤.”

“That-that…is unfair…”

“Reality is unfair, Learn to live with it, you whiny piece of trash.”

Ah, it hurts. It hurts too good.

“Now tell me her name.”

“…ONLY—if you promise me…” said Enosuke, trailing off. Ah, how desperate he must look right now. That was what Enosuke thought as he bowed before his girlfriend, forehead to the floor and on all fours.

“Is she that important to you…?”

Ayako peered down at Enosuke with large, glistening tears in her eyes.

Yet another misunderstanding.

“That’s not why! That’s…it’s just a matter of circumstance!”

“Ah, I see. In that case, I won’t spare her any sympathy,” said Ayako coolly. Her eyes were like the soulless stare of a recently-killed corpse.

“Please. I beg you. Don’t do anything to hurt her.”

Enosuke continued to prostrate himself before his girlfriend.

“Fine. Just because it’s you, Eno.”

Ayako crossed her arms and waited for Enosuke to finish his part of the deal.

“…Are you sure you won’t do anyt—”

“I’m sure. Didn’t you say you trust me, Enosuke?”

This was bad. Using his full name meant that she was losing her patience. Enosuke took another deep breath to calm himself. This was it. With this, the final piece of the puzzle would be revealed. Adventurer Yoshitomo Ayako would be able to gain access to the final level and wreak havoc against the last boss.

…Am I crazy?


“Ok! I’ll tell you! Her name is Komano Yuki!”

“Komano Yuki?” Ayako repeated the name, as if testing the sound of it. “The small girl from the track team?”

“Yeah…she’s a first-year.”

“I see. An underclassman relationship.”

“No! That’s not it! I’m really not cheating on you, I swear! It’s just…she confessed to me recently and even though I turned her down, she’s been really aggressive about her feelings…and well…she’s sort of cute…and I don’t want to hurt her…”

Enosuke clamped his mouth shut. Oh, he was really an idiot.

“Give a man a woman’s job and he falls to pieces,” said Ayako, cracking her knuckles.

“You promised!”

“I know. I keep my promises. I won’t hurt her.”

“Oh…ok then.”

“I’ll just have to kill her. I’m already regretting it.”


“Shut up, Eno. Do you think you’re in a position to argue with me?”

“I—well…that’s not…”

“Well, I suppose I didn’t expect much from a spineless loser like you. As if you could resist when she ambushed you in the storage closet and rubbed her deliciously flat chest against your body, all the while speaking to you in a sexy voice that you’ve probably only heard in AVs. Or when she ate lunch with you and spilled sauce on your cheek so that she could lick it off while you sat there, frozen in shock. Or maybe when you two went to karaoke together and she boldly sat between your legs and mumbled quietly about something hard poking into her back—”


“It was just a guess. But now that I know that all of it was true, I’m even more disgusted with you than before, Eno.”

Enosuke wanted to dig a hole in the ground and never come out again. He didn’t want to admit it, but he would rather have had Ayako tell him that they should break up or that she had been dating his best friend for the past two years without him knowing. Those were all extremely scarring issues, but they would’ve been temporary.

But, Yoshitomo Ayako was quite intent on staying his girlfriend.

It was during moments like this that Enosuke despised the law of equivalent exchange.

“But, Komano Yuki, hm…? I suppose I could understand why you’re attracted to her. Even I think she’s insufferably cute. I want to take her home with me sometime and make her feel like a woman.”

“That’s a crime!”

The hairs on Enosuke’s neck were settling, but the feeling of unease lingered heavily in his mind. What was going on here? Even if it was Ayako, she was taking this way too lightly.

“I think it’s more surprising to know that she’s your type. Hmm, so you like cute little girls? I don’t know if I should call you comrade or a lolicon.”

“Don’t call me either!”

So you like the small perky ones over mine, hm?” said Ayako, squeezing her sizable chest.

“Ah no, that’s not…I mean, yours are great…”

“Even though you’ve been denying it this entire time, doesn’t this situation make it seem like you actually are tiring of me, Eno?” said Ayako in a thoughtful tone.

“No! Like I said, I already turned her down!”

“Hmm…turned her down. I see.”

She was smiling. It almost seemed like the sympathetic sort of smile that an older sister would give her younger brother when he tried to lie through his teeth about his crush on his elementary school teacher. Enosuke felt a deep, darkening hole growing in his stomach.

“Well, let’s move onto more urgent topics, Eno. About the date this Friday—”

“That’s all you have to say about it!?”

“What? What more do you want me to say, Eno?”

“No…it’s not like I want you to say more. I just thought you’d have more of an opinion about this…”

“She’s cute.”

“I know that!”

“Eno, I understand that you’ve found a new subject to set your puppy-like admiration on, but I really have no interest in your fantasies,” said Ayako, pulling lightly at her sticky shirt.

“No, that’s not the problem—”

Hold on a minute.

What did she just say?


“Hm?” Ayako put the last apple slice in her mouth and bit it in half.

“…What do you think about the situation between me and Komano Yuki?”

“I already told you, Eno. I don’t want to hear anymore about your outrageous fantasies.”

“So you just think I’m making things up after all!”

“Of course not, Eno. As your girlfriend, I’m totally fine with you staying stuck in the 2D world. You can cheat on me all you want there, since I don’t believe the concept of fidelity transfers between dimensions.”


“What are you saying, Eno? You actually think that a girl as cute as Komano Yuki, and an underclassman no less, is romantically interested in you? Eno, I don’t want you to get hurt chasing after delusions.”

“Just how little faith do you have in me!?”

“It’s not faith, Eno. It’s just your physical construction. You’re a plain-faced, depressing example of a man. I’m only with you to spare other women from having to do a tedious thing like rejecting you.”

“My existence is the problem now!? And we don’t have love between us at all!”

“I love you ❤.”

“Don’t say that right after you destroyed the meaning in our relationship! It sounds like a lie!”

“It is a lie.”


“About your existence, that is. ❤.”


“Come now, Eno. Just give up on this girl. I’ve been putting up with it for now, but if you continue on like this, I’ll have to step in and protect her from your obscene hallucinations.”

“I’m not the one that’s coming onto anyone! She is! Do you think someone who would do all those things you guessed at is just innocently creating misunderstandings!?”

“Ah…you’re right. I was looking at this all wrong. She’s obviously just a clumsy—”


“It’s far easier to believe—”


Ayako leaned forward and kissed Enosuke lightly on the lips. Enosuke turned into a statue as Ayako moved back, her face slightly flushed.


“Ah, I gave my first kiss to Eno.”


“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, Eno.”

“Are you trying to tease me!? This is just cruel!”

“Men really aren’t satisfied with anything, are they?” said Ayako, sighing and holding a hand up to her cheek.

Enosuke leaned back until the back of his head touched Ayako’s bed. Ahh, he was cursed. A rare kiss from his girlfriend and he couldn’t even enjoy it in this mood. A kiss from those soft, tender lips…


Enosuke bowed over and pounded the ground with his fist.

“What? You want one more?” asked Ayako with a sly smile.


Ayako put two fingers to her lips and blew him a kiss.

…This is good in its own way too.

Enosuke floated onto the ground with a feeling of immense satisfaction.

“Now, about the date on Friday—”

“We had a date on Friday!?”

“No. That’s why we’re going to plan it now.”

“What!? Friday’s tomorrow!”

“Your point, Eno?”

The cold had returned. Enosuke rolled up into a meek ball and mumbled his approval.

“We probably can’t go anywhere too exciting. We’ll save that for Saturday.”

“Are we having a date marathon or something!?”

“On Sunday, you can have a day off. But I’ll come over anyways because I’m your girlfriend and a proper girlfriend will always find time for her boyfriend.”

“That’s not your time, it’s mine!”

“What are you saying, Eno? Are you trying to tell me that you have better things to do than hang out with your kind, caring, understanding, fair-minded, doting girlfriend?”

She’s a mind-reader!?

“Ah…well no, but I just…need some time to myself…”

“Ah, I see. But Eno, you have a girlfriend who can do that for you.”


“A-Are you serious! Are you totally serious?”

The blood was rushing so quickly through Enosuke’s body that steam was puffing out his nose.

“Of course. I’ll be more than happy to help you with your bottled-up feelings.”

If a rocket had launched at that moment, its speed would have been dwarfed by how fast Enosuke blasted to heaven. The searing speeds must have been the reason for the tears leaking from his eyes.

Finally, mother. I am becoming a man.

It was a sentence that every young man thought, but never actually told his mother.

“Now, Eno. Since I’m coming over on Sunday, I’ll need an idea of what I’ll have to do on that day.”

“Uh…well, that’s…I never really thought about it,” said Enosuke, scratching his head sheepishly. “Why don’t we just wing it?”

“Is it possible to just wing it?”

“Well, yeah. I’m sure it is. That’s how everyone else does it, I bet.”

“I see. Actually, I’m getting a little excited thinking about it…”

Enosuke nearly passed out as he saw Ayako shift her thighs slightly.

Oh…so plain. But so amazingly white.

“W-Why don’t we do it right now then?” asked Enosuke, talking a little too quickly. Oh crap. Am I sounding too forceful? Ahhh…but I really want to do it!

“Now? Well…that’s a little sudden.”

Ayako’s face was alarmingly red, something that was almost as rare as her kisses. Enosuke’s little brother was having growing pains.

“Let’s do it! NOW!”

Enosuke lunged at Ayako and grabbed her by the shoulders. She jumped at his touch, but didn’t resist.


Ayako averted her eyes and placed her hands on his arms. Enosuke was trembling as much as he had at the very beginning of the conversation. He swallowed and slowly leaned forward towards her lips. That was where you were supposed to aim for first, right?

First a kiss—no wait!

A hug!

He had to hug her first! Or maybe hold hands? No, that was taking three steps backwards!

He had to get her towards the bed. Yes, that was it! First, move, no wait, his little brother was sticking out too much. But it doesn’t matter, because she knows what we’re doing anyways, so I should just—

Enosuke’s brain was overloading from his criss-crossing thoughts. By now, his body had completely shut down and he was sitting completely still in front of Ayako.

“Ok, Eno. I understand. It’s really important to you, isn’t it?”

Ayako gave him a smile that blinded his impure eyes.

…What am I doing? I was going to force Ayako into this…without even considering her feelings…

It was only now that Enosuke truly felt as dirty and worthless as Ayako had accused him of being. With tears welling from his eyes, Enosuke pulled Ayako in tightly and hugged her.

“Y…You’re crushing me, Eno.”

“I love you, Ayako. *h-h-heart*”

“…Thanks, Eno, but the ❤ is a little gross coming from you…”

“Just be quiet and accept my love!”

Ayako fell into silence and simply wrapped her arms around him. Enosuke sniffed, feeling more water leak out of his eyes.

It was fine like this.

As long as they had love, everything would be fine.

“Are you sure about this, Ayako?”

“Yes. If we hurry, we can finish before it gets dark.”

A critical hit! Too many critical hits! Enosuke was going to have a total knockout at this rate. Ayako was far more aggressive than he had thought!

“Alright, Ayako. If you’re going to put that much determination into it, I can’t back down now!”

“Good. Now, let’s go to your house.”

“W-What!? Aren’t your parents gone for the day?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“M-My parents are home…”

“That doesn’t matter, Eno. If worst comes to worst, we’ll just continue at my house.”

“W-What!? Why can’t we just do it here, right now!?”

“Eno…are you forgetting that the games are at your house?”





That single word. It was like a bomb. He knew that the next sentence would blow him into smithereens. He had to prepare for it. He had to!

“That’s right. Let’s hurry. I’m actually quite excited to play Ayucchi’s route.”


If the scenario writer for Ayucchi’s route had heard this exclamation from such a beautiful female, it would probably have provided enough inspiration for him to overwork himself in the plummeting industry for the next fifty years!
Those words are amazing, Ayako! Too amazing!

I’m going to die right now.

“Eno? Eno! What are you doing? Hurry and get up, daylight is burning, you know?”

Yoshitomo Ayako, his kind, caring, understanding, fair-minded, doting girlfriend.

Now off to cheat on him in the 2D world.


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